Your baby’s growth and development is measured not only by weight and height but also by the skills he has developed over time. Babies develop these skills as they cross the months and these are termed as developmental milestones. 21 Month Old Baby Development: There is nothing to worry ifRead More →

Compared to a newborn, your 14 month old baby is completely independent and mobile. He is continuously learning through manipulation, exploration and movement. This is the time when your baby is refining and developing language, social skills, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Your baby, now a toddler, atRead More →

Your 15 month old loves to play, explore and experiment with the world around him. One of the most important activities for your baby at this age is playing. It is through his playful activities that he learns to be creative, imaginative and thoughtful. At this age your baby loves findingRead More →

Seeing your baby crawl for the first time is priceless, even though her attempt may not be perfect! Sometimes babies crawl backward before crawling forward (1), which is absolutely normal. With time, she will discover a way to propel herself forward by learning how to balance, and by maintaining aRead More →

Congratulations on your baby’s first birthday. You are super excited and preparing to celebrate this occasion in the best possible way. Now that she is a year old, you may be recollecting all the milestones and developments that she has achieved. It is indeed a moment of great joy andRead More →