It is rightly said that too much of anything is bad. Heat is very much needed for our survival, but if absorbed in excess, can cause array of problems. Heat stroke is one such problem. Heat stroke is one of the consequences of an overheated body. It can be dangerousRead More →

Like how change of season affects your skin and body, it also has the same impact on babies. They need special attention every season. Just like in winter, how you make sure that your baby is wearing warm clothes, you should also take extra care of him or her duringRead More →

Mouth ulcers are not very common among newborns. Ulcers are open wounds that spread across the mouth lining. The ulcer can vary in size from few millimeters to few inches as well. You need to talk to your doctor as early as possible when you see mouth ulcer in yourRead More →

With the onset of autumn and winter season, many parents get worry about their baby’s health. First time parents may be especially concerned when their babies have health problem. As babies are unable to communicate with their parents, the situation can get tough. Asthma attacks are common in winter season.Read More →

Scalds from any hot liquid like boiling water, coffee or milk, and similar burn injuries are among the most common childhood accidents. You can’t blame your kids if they are super-active and curious, but it often leads your baby’s hand or mouth to a place it shouldn’t be. This simplyRead More →