The first year and a half is usually the worst phase of sleeplessness at night for the newborn and so the toughest phase for new moms as they struggle to cope with the maternal duties round the clock. Does your baby also wake up suddenly in the middle of theRead More →

There are very few things that can replace a mother’s warmth. Swaddling is one such thing. Who wouldn’t love to see their babies have a peaceful sleep? A sleep-deprived baby can be quite a handful. Moreover, if the sleeping patterns are maintained properly, the baby would grow well, physically andRead More →

I was just settling down on a couch. After a tiresome day with my baby, I wanted to relax reading a book. Alas, that was not to happen. My daughter woke up and began to wail incessantly. “Oh no, not again!” I thought. “Why did she wake up in 30Read More →

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Good news, your sleepless nights are over! Now you can have a good night sleep and wake up feeling fresh. This because your baby has learnt to sleep by himself and his internal clock has started functioning. Your baby can differentiate between night and day and is moving towards anRead More →

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