Clara has had a severe cold and an irritating headache. However, the cold and stuffy nose don’t bother her as much as the medication. She isn’t sure if she should opt for medication as her baby is still breastfeeding. If she doesn’t control the cold, her baby might get itRead More →

Do you love munching nuts to satiate your hunger pangs in a healthy way while nursing your little one? Are you worried that since nuts are potential allergens it may harm your breastfeeding infant? Well, if you can relate to any of the above situations reading this post is aRead More →

How aware are you about the importance of vitamin D for your baby? And how informed are you about the consequences your baby might have to face due to a vitamin D deficiency? Vitamin D is one of the most needed nutrients for your baby, and it is something you,Read More →

Do you think that in the constant need to eat more as a lactating mother you sometimes end up overdoing it? Are you missing your traditional detox diet? Well, if you are contemplating going on a detox diet while nursing your darling baby, reading this post is a good idea!Read More →

Are you a foodie and love to gorge on a platter full of seafood and fish? Are you a worried new mom wondering if eating fish is safe for your precious baby or not? Well, if you can relate to the above situations, reading this post is a good idea.Read More →

There is a common belief among new mothers that they can avoid their period by breastfeeding extensively. It’s time to bust few myths! The truth lies in the fact that you will, like before, soon start menstruating. At times, your period may start within just a few weeks of delivery.Read More →

Are you planning to take supplements while you are breastfeeding your baby? Are you thinking of having fish oil as an added supplement but are not sure if it is safe? There are many benefits of fish oil intake while you are breastfeeding your baby. Read on to know moreRead More →